Monday, 28 May 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday (3)

We're Sunday again! (this post was supposed to be published  yesterday,oups!)
I had time this week to take my time and think of what pictures I will take for Scavenger Hunt Sunday, and even though the themes were tough this week, it was so much fun to use my creativity and imagination!
So here are my interpretations for Scavenger Hunt Sunday:

Nous sommes Dimanche déjà! (cet article aurait du être publié hier, oups!)
J'ai eu du temps cette semaine pour réfléchir sur les photos que j'allais prendre pour ce scavenger hunt sunday, et même si les thèmes me paraissent un peu difficiles cette semaine, cela m'a permis d'utiliser ma créativité et mon imagination!
Donc voici mes interprétations pour Scavenger Hunt Sunday:

1.Beneath your feet

Worst moment of the week: weighing myself ;D ...

2. Capturing movement

Moving shells: making beautiful movements with beautiful sounds...

3. Texture

Cuddly, fluffy blankets: my favourite!

4. Face your fears

My fear:  lack of chocolate! ;) he's my best friend, and my worst enemy...

5. Currently

Currently reading this book for the third time!

So I hope you liked my pictures and I thank you for taking the time to look at them!
Can't wait to see the interpretations of my fellow hunters!
p.s. please become my follower, it will make my day! :D

Donc j'espère que mes images vous ont plu et je vous remercie d'être passé les voir!
Il me tarde de voir toutes les autres participations de mes camarades de chasse du dimanche ;)
p.s. n'oubliez pas de devenir mon follower, je serais super heureuse!

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  1. Great pictures. I love the first one and can definitely relate. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beneath your feet makes me laugh - so funny.

  3. Oh, how funny!! I've all but given up on my scales :-) I'm now following!

  4. Great pictures. LOL at the beneath your feet and facing your fears.

  5. So pretty pictures ! I specially love beneath your feet :D hihi I also have such relationships with chocolate ;) Bisettes !

  6. Enjoyed your interpretations. Especially your under my feet shot and oh chocolates for face your fears was great!

  7. Great photos! Hilarious first one. And I love Lindt too. Mmmm.....
    I also enjoy reading Philip Pullman, though I hadn't heard of that particular book!

    1. Thank you for your comment! Yes Philip Pullman is great- this book was released as a movie called "the Golden Compass" with Nicole Kidman (didn't see it but must be good =D )!
      thank you for passing by!

  8. Love the chocolate, makes me want some right now!

  9. De jolies photos pour des thèmes originaux : c'est vrai que l'imagination est mise à rude épreuve !

  10. This is an awesome idea! I love it and thanks for commenting on my blog!

    Amanda Rose

  11. Sympa tout ça, de chouettes clichés...bonne journée.


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