Saturday, 29 December 2012

Ho Ho Ho! Late Merry Christmas!

It's been SUCH a long time since I've written, or even been, on my blog!
Well...I have an explanation for this. You see, a few weeks ago, my lovely acer laptop decided to simply die on me.
So I was left computerless for a while! But for christmas my sweet brother and my parents decided to give me my brother's old toshiba computer (that still works wonderfully well) that needed a few new parts (battery, plug and keyboard).
So here I am again!! And -since it's too late to wish everyone merry christmas- I hope everyone had a great christmas :)
Today I decided to take a few pictures of one or two of my new presents (and you'll understand why I'm taking EVERYTHING in picture).

And THIS is why I've been taking photos non-stop everyday! Here is my new canon ef 50mm 1.8 !! He is small, light and just wonderful!

I'm sooo happy with my new lens. It's so sharp. So much sharper than my other one.
I thought that the problem with my other lens was the fact that I wasn't doing a good job with manual so I started taking everything in automatic and yet, the photos were still blurry-ish. (Look at my last post to understand what I mean).
And now today I'm learning the system of manual and it works! proof: these pictures were taken manually. :)
By the way, I use to have the photoshop 7 but now I got the photoshop CS6 and it's so much better! I can even open RAW files now :P

My laptop has got one problem I've got to fix: it stretches everything: photos,etc. So I hope these pictures aren't too big or stretched or whatever! I have the impression that they are a bit big :P
What I also find strange is that all the icons I had on the right of my blog and the "next page" at the bottom don't appear on my screen...mysterious...

I hope you all have a lovely evening/day and I'll be posting again soon, oh yes I will! :D

Here are some more pictures (just because it's christmas :P ):

Have a great day!

p.s. merry christmas to JipetSun! Hope to see some new posts on your blog too :)
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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Cat turns into model

Hello hello hello!
I'm trying to shoot in "RAW" with my new canon, and these are the results: keep in mind that I discovered that my photoshop (7) is too old to open RAW pictures, great! :P
So I had to use a program that came with my camera.
And you might have noticed that my cat is in every picture :) cause she was the only model around!

So that's Kitty, my cat. As you can see I'm not quite there yet with the RAW shooting yet and most pictures are slightly blurred because there is no image stabilisator built in the camera nor in the lens.
So If you have any advice just leave me a comment or send me an email!
Have a nice day!
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Sunday, 9 September 2012

My Homemade Paper Flowers

Hello again!
I've been wanting to try and make some paper flowers cause they don't die and can be very nice :)
After a few hours of research on internet I finally found some that were easy to make.
So these are mine (photos are taken with my new canon :D ):

So what do you think? The flowers look very nice, I'm very happy since these craft projects don't always work out!
I'm still trying to use manual mode on my camera. All these pictures were taken in manual mode, and they look fine but sometimes not that much when I put them on my computer.
Anyways, if I find time (which is very difficult at the moment) I might post a tutorial on how to make these if someone wants me too.
Have a great weekend!
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Saturday, 1 September 2012

My canon has arrived!

Hey Everyone!
Great great news: my Canon 400d has arriiiiiiived!!
So I've been taking A LOT of photos in the last few days and I thought I should share them with you since it's been a long time that I haven't posted anything.


So, what do you think? With my canon 400d (or xti) I have a 28-200mm EF lens. I am soooo happy! This is my first slr camera :D
I still have to learn more about manual shooting and other details, so I hope my photos will get even better!
Have a great day!!
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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Day out!

hello everyone!
last thursday was a great day : sun, no work and a beautiful city!
And I brought my camera along, so that I could share a few pictures with you.

We arrived at this city around lunch time, so we went to a nice little restaurant/café in a sunny street where I had tagliatelle with carbonara and a "fondant au chocolat" as desert:

We then went over to a big "place" near the center, where we saw a fountain and a merry-go-round that was made a few centuries ago.

 Those paintings are very very old...

After a long day, I had a delicious vanilla milkshake in a tiny café.
 And the day ended with a campfire in our back garden with marshmallows :)
So I hope you enjoyed this post which was sort of my day in pictures.

I wish you all a great summer and holidays!

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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

News !

Hey everyone!
I've got some great news: in September I'm starting university and I needed a place to stay since it's a few hours away from home.
So I am happy to say, that two of my friends and I have found an apartment and will be living together for the next two years or more!

Since I'll be living with them, and blogging of course :D, I thought I might introduce you to them (without revealing their real identity), so this is Jipetsun (here is her blog) and Bee (who has no blog. maybe we'll influence her to make one :D ).

So I am very sure that I'll be talking about them in my blog! We've known each other for years now and we've been in the same school, haha we're going to have great fun in the city!
I'm also very excited because my camera is coming soon, and as I already said, it's a canon 400d (or xti) and Bee has a 350d (xt) and JipetSun has got a 600d (T3i), so the photos are going to be great quality normally, and we'll be able to swap lenses (great thing that we all have canons).

So Thank you for passing by my blog, and don't forget to check out JipetSun's blog :)

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Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Beach...

Yesterday I finally got a day off from work and went to the beach with family and friends.
We went to the beach in Hossegor and the weather was beautiful (too beautiful as you will see why).

So we first went to a nice restaurant close to the center of the town, before going to the beach.

As I said, the weather was wonderful ! Luckily we had sun umbrellas with us cause the sand in the sun was burning our feet.
I spent most of the day just relaxing or reading while watching the big waves in the distance...
The amount of pictures I took is quite limited but I took some lovely ones of the sunset:

So that was my day yesterday, and I had a great time even though I had to pay for that by getting a strong sun burn on my legs. My legs were very red yesterday evening so I covered them with natural yogurt (which normally always works) but it didn't help much. I then put on after-sun creme which also didn't do much.
When I woke up this morning, my legs felt better, they were still red but didn't hurt.....until I tried to stand up.
I was so shocked that I felt such a massive pain in the leg when trying to walk, or even just stand straight. My ankle was super swollen and I could walk maximum two steps. I took some medicine, and covered my legs with cremes and stuff, but I have to stay in bed all day; which means no work, and more time for blogging!
I know you might think I'm one of those lazy people who hate working, but the truth is that it's been now three weeks that I've been working in a restaurant without a day off. No weekend, no day off, nothing! So I'm just happy to be able to relax :)

Anyway, that is my life at the moment and I can't wait for the end of august to come! I will be getting a new camera: not a point-and-shoot one, but a proper canon eos 400d yay!
My aunt will be bringing it over with her, when she comes to visit us. She's a photographer (well, it's her hobby) so she knew where to get me a proper, second hand, but still in good condition camera.
That's when I also finish this summer job, and begin my studies, which means I might have more time to blog during weekends and evenings than I have now.
So be ready to see some better quality pictures and a lot of them!

Have a great day, and summer!

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Saturday, 7 July 2012

My mini-celebration

Today I'm doing a mini-celebration for the end of school and the results of my exams. I finally finished school after being there for 12 years! As a child, I never thought that it was possible to reach the end of school.
But now I'm finally there and I'm growing up :D!
When I started this blog I was 17 and now I'm 18. So we (my family and I) celebrated me turning 18 and everything that's happening with some ice cream and a -strange- present.

This is one of my favourite ice cream brands. favourite or favorite? :)
And my mom was so sweet and bought me some (only for me, no sharing with my siblings :P)
and when I arrived home from work, I found a strange pirate/treasure box on my bed with a little ribbon on it.

Yes so this box is a present from my father. He was on a flee market and found this old pirate looking box.
When I asked him where the pirate gold was? (haha) he said that this box was great for some of my mountains of jewelry. He had actually noticed how full my other one is and said that this one would do the trick.

So that was something funny and cute about my day today. I decided to try to put up a post everyday, or every second day. I just noticed that I'm much more attracted to blogs where everyday there's something new even if it's nothing too special.

And of course any ideas from your behalf is very very welcome! You can either send me an email or leave me a comment.

So this was my little post for today, and I wish you all a great weekend!
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