Wednesday, 28 December 2011

German tradition: christmas biscuits

Every christmas we make german biscuits a few weeks before christmas,
since I created this blog today, I still will talk about them.
These are some photos I took:
mmmmm delicious!!

These are family recipes, so I can't give you them ^^
First ones look a bit strange but they are SO goooooddd!!!!

The first ones are called nougat kipferl and tu second ones are Lebkuchen. You can find the recipes anywhere on internet but our ones are special =D

happy holidays!
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Merry christmas !

Christmas is over, but I wanted to say merry christmas anyway, to celebrate my new blog!

This photo/card was made by me, since I love taking and editing photos , and if any of you do the same and are better than me, please give me tips and advice ! I'd really love it!
Soon is new years and I can't wait! So many parties around makes it so exciting!
So I hope you have a great time ! Pin It