Saturday, 15 September 2012

Cat turns into model

Hello hello hello!
I'm trying to shoot in "RAW" with my new canon, and these are the results: keep in mind that I discovered that my photoshop (7) is too old to open RAW pictures, great! :P
So I had to use a program that came with my camera.
And you might have noticed that my cat is in every picture :) cause she was the only model around!

So that's Kitty, my cat. As you can see I'm not quite there yet with the RAW shooting yet and most pictures are slightly blurred because there is no image stabilisator built in the camera nor in the lens.
So If you have any advice just leave me a comment or send me an email!
Have a nice day!
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Sunday, 9 September 2012

My Homemade Paper Flowers

Hello again!
I've been wanting to try and make some paper flowers cause they don't die and can be very nice :)
After a few hours of research on internet I finally found some that were easy to make.
So these are mine (photos are taken with my new canon :D ):

So what do you think? The flowers look very nice, I'm very happy since these craft projects don't always work out!
I'm still trying to use manual mode on my camera. All these pictures were taken in manual mode, and they look fine but sometimes not that much when I put them on my computer.
Anyways, if I find time (which is very difficult at the moment) I might post a tutorial on how to make these if someone wants me too.
Have a great weekend!
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Saturday, 1 September 2012

My canon has arrived!

Hey Everyone!
Great great news: my Canon 400d has arriiiiiiived!!
So I've been taking A LOT of photos in the last few days and I thought I should share them with you since it's been a long time that I haven't posted anything.


So, what do you think? With my canon 400d (or xti) I have a 28-200mm EF lens. I am soooo happy! This is my first slr camera :D
I still have to learn more about manual shooting and other details, so I hope my photos will get even better!
Have a great day!!
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