Wednesday, 1 August 2012

News !

Hey everyone!
I've got some great news: in September I'm starting university and I needed a place to stay since it's a few hours away from home.
So I am happy to say, that two of my friends and I have found an apartment and will be living together for the next two years or more!

Since I'll be living with them, and blogging of course :D, I thought I might introduce you to them (without revealing their real identity), so this is Jipetsun (here is her blog) and Bee (who has no blog. maybe we'll influence her to make one :D ).

So I am very sure that I'll be talking about them in my blog! We've known each other for years now and we've been in the same school, haha we're going to have great fun in the city!
I'm also very excited because my camera is coming soon, and as I already said, it's a canon 400d (or xti) and Bee has a 350d (xt) and JipetSun has got a 600d (T3i), so the photos are going to be great quality normally, and we'll be able to swap lenses (great thing that we all have canons).

So Thank you for passing by my blog, and don't forget to check out JipetSun's blog :)

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  1. Heeeeeyyyy !! That's me, you jackie jackett !! Haha these are WONDERFUL news, I can't wait for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ouaaaaaaaouuuuhhh en gros sa me tarde patate :D
    Merci de ne pas avoir montré mon VRAI visage haha, tout le mode aurait eu très peuuur si tu l'avais fait ;)


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