Saturday, 7 July 2012

My mini-celebration

Today I'm doing a mini-celebration for the end of school and the results of my exams. I finally finished school after being there for 12 years! As a child, I never thought that it was possible to reach the end of school.
But now I'm finally there and I'm growing up :D!
When I started this blog I was 17 and now I'm 18. So we (my family and I) celebrated me turning 18 and everything that's happening with some ice cream and a -strange- present.

This is one of my favourite ice cream brands. favourite or favorite? :)
And my mom was so sweet and bought me some (only for me, no sharing with my siblings :P)
and when I arrived home from work, I found a strange pirate/treasure box on my bed with a little ribbon on it.

Yes so this box is a present from my father. He was on a flee market and found this old pirate looking box.
When I asked him where the pirate gold was? (haha) he said that this box was great for some of my mountains of jewelry. He had actually noticed how full my other one is and said that this one would do the trick.

So that was something funny and cute about my day today. I decided to try to put up a post everyday, or every second day. I just noticed that I'm much more attracted to blogs where everyday there's something new even if it's nothing too special.

And of course any ideas from your behalf is very very welcome! You can either send me an email or leave me a comment.

So this was my little post for today, and I wish you all a great weekend!
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  1. Miam, ça devait être une délicieuse célébration :D !! ho j'ai aussi une boîte au trésor comme celle-ci, c'est trop chou n'est-ce pas ?? Bisous

    1. oui C'ETAIT très bon ;) j'ai tout mangé ! haha c'est vrai que cette boite est tro chou :D

  2. Félicitations pour tes exams ! Quel soulagement quand c'est enfin fini et maintenant , à toi, les jolis rèves qui commencent déjà avec la gourmandise et un coffre qui va se remplir de bijoux au fil du temps !


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