Saturday, 29 December 2012

Ho Ho Ho! Late Merry Christmas!

It's been SUCH a long time since I've written, or even been, on my blog!
Well...I have an explanation for this. You see, a few weeks ago, my lovely acer laptop decided to simply die on me.
So I was left computerless for a while! But for christmas my sweet brother and my parents decided to give me my brother's old toshiba computer (that still works wonderfully well) that needed a few new parts (battery, plug and keyboard).
So here I am again!! And -since it's too late to wish everyone merry christmas- I hope everyone had a great christmas :)
Today I decided to take a few pictures of one or two of my new presents (and you'll understand why I'm taking EVERYTHING in picture).

And THIS is why I've been taking photos non-stop everyday! Here is my new canon ef 50mm 1.8 !! He is small, light and just wonderful!

I'm sooo happy with my new lens. It's so sharp. So much sharper than my other one.
I thought that the problem with my other lens was the fact that I wasn't doing a good job with manual so I started taking everything in automatic and yet, the photos were still blurry-ish. (Look at my last post to understand what I mean).
And now today I'm learning the system of manual and it works! proof: these pictures were taken manually. :)
By the way, I use to have the photoshop 7 but now I got the photoshop CS6 and it's so much better! I can even open RAW files now :P

My laptop has got one problem I've got to fix: it stretches everything: photos,etc. So I hope these pictures aren't too big or stretched or whatever! I have the impression that they are a bit big :P
What I also find strange is that all the icons I had on the right of my blog and the "next page" at the bottom don't appear on my screen...mysterious...

I hope you all have a lovely evening/day and I'll be posting again soon, oh yes I will! :D

Here are some more pictures (just because it's christmas :P ):

Have a great day!

p.s. merry christmas to JipetSun! Hope to see some new posts on your blog too :)
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  1. Ooooh so sweet from you :D I'm working on a new post ;). You're right: there is a big difference between your old pics and the brand new ones (even if the past photos were also wonderful )!


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