Sunday, 12 August 2012

Day out!

hello everyone!
last thursday was a great day : sun, no work and a beautiful city!
And I brought my camera along, so that I could share a few pictures with you.

We arrived at this city around lunch time, so we went to a nice little restaurant/café in a sunny street where I had tagliatelle with carbonara and a "fondant au chocolat" as desert:

We then went over to a big "place" near the center, where we saw a fountain and a merry-go-round that was made a few centuries ago.

 Those paintings are very very old...

After a long day, I had a delicious vanilla milkshake in a tiny café.
 And the day ended with a campfire in our back garden with marshmallows :)
So I hope you enjoyed this post which was sort of my day in pictures.

I wish you all a great summer and holidays!

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  1. Miaaaaaaaaaaaaaam ! Oh jadore ce manège :D et ces photos sont magnifiques mon cher "Photoholicum" ;) xxxxx


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