Sunday, 18 March 2012

Tag: 11 questions...

      Today I was reading the "don't rain on mondays" blog, and I read an older post which was about 11 questions.
The owner of this blog, lissa, wrote that you can tag yourself. Since I'm quite bored today and have not much to do, I decided that I will answer these questions just for fun.

1. If you suddenly find yourself in a Jane Austen/Charlotte Bronte book, which character would you be?
There are so many characters created by Jane Austen that I know but I guess I'm similar to Jane (cause she's quite calm) but at the same time I could be Kitty (cause she's a bit over-excited like I am at times). I've read all of Jane Austen's books, but it's mostly these two characters from "Pride & Prejudice" that I would be.

2. What one superhero ability would you like to have?
I'd LOVE to read in people's minds.

3. If aliens come to earth and choose you as their leader, would you go with them?

4. If an asteroid is crashing toward earth and the government wants you to save the world and you are allow to choose your own team, who would you choose?
I don't really understand this question, but if I had to select a team to help me, I would gather up the best scientifics and geniuses in the world. Then I'd let them do all the work while I'm partying for the (maybe) last time of my life  =D.

5. Which Peanuts character would likely be you?
I don't know them that well, but I would be Sally. She always wants to know the answers to everything, and I'm the same way.

6. If you can time travel, where or when would go to -- the past or the future?
I would go first to the past, to see how people lived in the 19th century (like the characters in jane austen's books) I'd love to see their dresses and carriages. Then I'd go to the far away future to see what will happen to us and how much technology will change the world.

7. Would you rather get stuck in an elevator for 72 hours or watch a 27-hour movie marathon featuring your most hateful actor/actress in which you cannot fast forward, not even the credits?
I would prefer the elevator: you can sleep while your waiting. =) and you don't have to look at George Clooney for 27 hours =D

8. If you get to choose, would still choose to be human again?

9. If you can save someone's life by doing something really bad/evil, would you do it?
That depends on how evil it would be.

10. Would you rather throw a 24-hour party or sleep all day?
Emmmm..... both? =D

Thank you for reading! I really enjoyed doing this so if anyone wants to "tag" me or something like that, go ahead!
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