Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Moving Pictures: Bubbles

It's the first time I participate in a "link-up party" and I'm very excited!
I hadn't had time this week to do what I wanted to create but I made this image which isn't very exciting but it's better than nothing =)
These days have been very busy, which made me worry about not making it on time to participate in this little project.
I'm so excited about this, that I have decided to start participating in other link-up parties (is that what they're called?)
By the way, this is a great idea Georgia B! Hope you'll make more parties in the future!

So here's my little creation, called "Bubbles":

And thank you again Georgia for having this wonderful idea! Thanks to you I learnt what these little link-up parties are all about !

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  1. oh, my goodness! great idea for this! nicely done.

    you're welcome! thank YOU, for joining the party. and yes... that is exactly what they are called... link-up parties. i hope you'll join every week!

    i'm gonna try and get back to you tomorrow about those photos you asked me about. have a great week!

  2. i love the blue tones in this photo, and what a fun subject for a moving picture...i really like it!

  3. I like the idea. it's kind of mesmerizing when you keep looking at it.

    hope you have a sweet day.

  4. Thank you all so much for your comments! I didn't expect so many! I'm glad you liked my picture.
    Have a great week everyone !

  5. That's very creative! I just linked up with Moving Pictures Monday' second week. Hope to see you there, too.

  6. Hii ! That's amazing ! Could you teach it to me too ? Bisettes !!


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