Friday, 6 July 2012

Sorry for my absence...

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to say sorry and make sure you all know that I'm still alive ;)
I've been so busy these last two months with studies, exams, work, ... and so much more! But it's not over, which means it will get more and more difficult for me to upload posts on my blog. I'm at a time in life where so much stuff is happening (finishing school, soon passing my driver's licence, looking for an appartment, ...). But this doesn't mean that I'm not blogging anymore, no way! I love blogging. I never thought I would enjoy it this much when I started. But I do! It's so wonderful. I feel so free: my blog is my own little piece of the internet where I can choose the shape, colours, everything on my page...and the posts! Of course I don't mean that we can put anything up on our blogs, but we have the freedom to take our own photos, to talk in our own words ( by the way, I'm not a good writer, so sorry for mistakes or weird sentences :)) about things that really interest us and might (or not) interest others.
So that's all I wanted to say; I just wanted to remind you that the lack of activity on my blog doesn't signify that I'm bored of blogging, no no no! I just don't find that much time these days.

Well I wish everyone a great day! And I hopefully will post some more stuff.
By the way, feel free to send me ideas or themes for posts (cause I do sometimes need some inspiration)
 by email or comment.  
Have a great day!
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  1. Coucou! Ah, oui cette absence est terrriiible... Mais comme tu sais c'├ętait pareil pour moi :P allez, on va y arriver ma pintade ;) !


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