Thursday, 19 April 2012


April weather is not called like that for nothing! I never really noticed this month's weather these last few years but it is so strange!
Suddenly, it's sunny, nice and warm but in a few minutes, BAM! it's raining...again. It's like we're in Ireland! This weather in France is like the summers in Ireland: wet, damp, and cold.
So today, while I was doing homework (math, ugh!) I saw the clouds moving quite fast in the sky and I thought this would be great for a moving picture.
I know I'm late and not in the right theme for the moving picture link-up party
but I'll add this picture just for fun.
I've been wanting to post something for a week now (nearly two) on my blog
so this is the perfect occasion = )

So here it is (nothing too special):

Well, I didn't add this in the moving picture but here's the sky after another 20 minutes:

With rain drops on the window of course = P

I just realised how depressing these photos are =P I'm sorry if I depressed anyone with these grey skies !

Well, maybe my cat can make you happy again XD
This is my cat called Kitty (very original, I know)

Yes that's her: the little chubby, fluffy creature -who by the way is so posh (even though she doesn't look it here), I sometimes think she should be a royal cat-.

So that was my ...strange.. post today =D must be all that math getting to my brain!
Thank you for reading, or even just passing by and having a look at my little blog,
and I wish everyone a wonderful weekend!

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  1. my favorite is that last shot with the raindrops on the window and the blurry power lines and pole. very cool!

    thanks for submitting again!

  2. wow! those clouds are moving fast! but fast moving clouds make for a great moving picture. this post isn't depressing, i think storms are beautiful, so i quite enjoyed your post. oh yeah, your kitty is awesome...i love the pose! you should do a moving picture of her : )

    1. Thank you for your comment! Haha well those clouds didn't move exactly that fast :D
      And thank you for that great idea! I never thought of making a moving picture of Kitty !
      I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Mon dieu ! c'est trop beau ! et tu sais pas quoi, j'avais pas vu ton article avant et je venais juste de poster un petit article la dessus, aussi avec des gouttes sur une vitre ... Oups ! A croire qu'on est tous frappés par ce temps :D
    Beautiful pictures !

    1. Oui! Je viens de voir ton article! Il y a surement une télépathie entre bloggeuses pour les photos et articles :D


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