Saturday, 7 January 2012


A few photos I took:

I never really showed my photos to anyone but today I've decided to concentrate on what I enjoy rather than what other people might think.
Life is short, so enjoy it!
I never had thought of making a blog until a few months ago where I found a very nice one and thought that it would be a great experience for me to try.
My first blog created is a beauty blog since I've always loved beauty products and trying to be pretty. I'm not at all a bimbo or anything like that, makeup is just to make the face prettier and not to hide it.
Don't get me wrong: I'd love to hide my face if I could; I'm not exactly the very pretty type at all and have been made fun of many times because of my face and acne.
But after a while I felt like talking and showing other things than just beauty and that's how this blog was born.
I can put my photos, my thoughts, things I find interesting, etc...
I hope you bloggers or blog-readers appreciate my blogs. They aren't the best, but I like them and that's what counts.
Have a nice day!
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